CFO Solutions is live

CFOs of operating companies in global groups are challanged. The function is inbetween the expectations of the group-headquarter, requirements of the local operation and responsibilties to stakeholders. The CFO is instrumental to bring group strategies into operational actions and assure group compliance in the day to day operation.

The job of an operational CFO has dramatically changed over the last years and the speed of transformation is further increasing.

  • Centralization of group functions is growing and the local CFO is losing power.
  • Processes and systems are managed centraly and workflows are getting more and more fragmented.
  • Complexity of the system landscape is rising and more people are involved in a single end to end transaction.
  • Outsourcing services have improved their business models and seamlessly fit together with own staff.

While the CFO is losing management power and headcount in his teams, he is also challanged to show the value contribution of his own role. Companies begin to merge functions into a virtual organisation and provide the CFO function as a shared service.

The trends will accelerate and there is a growing demand for support to CFOs. Traditional advisors like tax advisors, auditors, lawyers and IT consultants do not cover leadership issues and can not take over responsibilities. In the US and Asia there is a growing number of advisors specialized on the new challenges. CFO Solutions will now bring this innovative service to Austria and central Europe.

Please support this innovative service and join us at the journey. Your contribution and feedback is highly appreciated.